• October 4, 2013

Welcome The Most Aerodynamic And Fuel-Efficient Car -Volkswagen Xl1

Volkswagen Xl1 If you think that you already know about the most fuel-efficient aerodynamic car, think again. Don’t make your mind till you have a look at Volkswagen Xl1 that made its debut in Chattanooga in US at the 2013 society of environmental journalist’s conference. With estimated European combined fuel consumption rating of 261 mpg, one can easily cover 32 miles in all-electric mode on the zero-emissions vehicle. What we get to glimpse here is the present and future eco-mobility capabilities of the auto brand and Volkswagen is certainly proud to debut this ultra-fuel-efficient vehicle.

The XL1 excels in its pure sports-car design principles. With exceptional aerodynamics and weighing just 1753 pounds, and carrying a lower center of gravity, you can cruise down the road at a constant 62 mph in this super-efficient Volkswagen. Thanks to its high-tech lightweight design, the XL1 emits just 21 g/km of CO2. The plug-in hybrid system is made of 27-hp electric motor, two-cylinder TDI engine, seven-speed DSG dual-clutch and a lithium-ion battery.

The driving cycle of 261 mpg fuel consumption is number that has not been achieved by any other vehicle to date. Volkswagen sure knows what it is capable of delivering in the in the automotive industry making things technically feasible. Conceptually, we can say that XL1 I still at the third evolutionary stage of Volkswagen’s 1-liter car strategy. It is only Volkswagen that can formulate the visionary goal of creating a car that offers fuel consumption of one liter one liter per 100 km. The engineers and designers have been successful in coming up with a design like XL1, that delivers tremendous efficiency.

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