• December 24, 2018

What Consumers Think About When Buying A Car

What Consumers Think About When Buying A Car

We’ve all been through it and we’ve all experienced the satisfaction in doing it. “What am I talking about?” you ask. I’m talking about purchasing a new car. When we first get the idea that it’s time to get a new ride, we think about all the great things that we look for in a car.


When we think about purchasing a vehicle, one of the most important factors in deciding which car to choose is reliability. We want a car that we can rely on that is both sturdy and safe. We also think about the longevity of the car. We want a car that will last for as long as possible. We think about the dependability and the quality of cars produced, such as those found at a Mazda dealership. We think about a car maker’s history and how long they’ve been manufacturing cars. You also want to know about the guarantee (warranty) that supports their workmanship.


Another key factor in deciding to purchase a car is its purpose. A car’s purpose can be for any reason from work related, family, to take long trips, or just simply for fun and enjoyment. Whatever the purpose or reason, determining the car’s main use will then be used as a determining factor in looking for specific features we might want in a car. For instance, we decided that the car will be used for family purposes. We want a car that has ample room for everyone but that it is also fuel efficient and safe.


In line with a car’s purpose, automakers today offer a variety of features when selecting a particular make and model of a car. One feature that many automakers offer is a built-in global positioning system (GPS). Many consumers today find that having a navigation system built-in the vehicle is convenient and safer than using one that is on our smartphones. Many navigation systems in vehicles can give turn-by-turn directions through the audio speakers of the car. Another feature that is trending in importance is a car’s fuel efficiency. With the rising cost of fuel, having a fuel efficient car can save consumers money. With technological advances today, car makers are finding innovative ways to cut a consumer’s cost in fuel. For example, there are new materials today that automakers use to build cars that are more durable, safe, and lighter; in turn, alleviating a consumer’s stress from worry while also saving consumers money.


We’ve heard their name throughout the ages and we’ve seen their cars on the road. Mazda (originating from Japan) is one of the largest auto manufacturers since the 1920s. They have since partnered with other well-known automakers to make innovations in creating future models of their vehicle lineup. Mazda is also known for embedding “sporty” attribute to every new vehicle they produce today. This makes them one of the top manufacturers of cars, who are at the core, performance driven.

Mazda Models

Many consumers associate Mazda with their most popular car, the Mazda Miata. This “fun” car is compact and sports a sleek open top feature that made it one of the top-selling cars since its production. Today, Mazda offers many models to cater to a range of consumer’s needs. For example, the Mazda’s CX-9 is a sports utility vehicle (SUV) that seats up to seven passengers with its third-row seating feature. If you’re thinking, “that’s too big for me.” That’s okay. Mazda also offers the CX-5 which sits only five passengers and caters to the “eco-friendly” driver. Are you between a sports compact car or an SUV? Mazda also offers a four-door sedan (which also comes in a five-door variant) called the Mazda3.

Whatever the purpose or reason in purchasing a car, features also play an important role in making a decision. Reliability, dependability, and durability are always at the core of any consumer’s mind when we think of a particular automaker. We, then, think about the features we want when deciding on a particular make and model of a car. Features, such as a navigation system, backup camera, or a key-less entry system, are only a few technological enhancements that give a car that extra “wow-factor”. One last important factor to consider is also maintenance cost. It is recommended to also factor this in when considering the type of vehicle we are going to purchase.

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