• December 13, 2018

What Does Having a Car Mean to You?

What Does Having a Car Mean to You?

People purchase their vehicles for a whole myriad of reasons. For some it means liberation, for others it’s a means of progressing a career, and others just simply enjoy driving for the fun. Of course, in recent times there’s been a record decline in teenagers learning how to drive, showing a gradual disinterest in these values and how they’re associated with owning a car.

Consequently, it’s worth refreshing ourselves on the all-important question; what does having a car mean to you?


Obviously, with a car, you can go anywhere and everywhere in due to time. The moment you turn that ignition, you could practically end up in any place you so choose. There’s really nothing else that grants that level of sheer freedom, and through those long drives to holidays or to visit family and friends’ miles away, drivers can find themselves easily growing attached to their vehicles. In the end, they can help us maintain our social lives.

Of course, it’s about more than just the driver too. Today, developments have been made to ensure that wheelchair accessible cars are widely available, ensuring that everyone gets to experience the kind of flexibility that a vehicle of our own affords. Whereas those with disabilities may have been housebound in the past, they can now undertake the trips that others do and not miss out.


Of course, some businesses out there won’t even consider hiring a candidate unless they drive. Often, it’s a mandatory requirement in order to clinch that perfect role, so for many people driving is but a means to an end just to get to a workplace that’s perhaps in a remote location. Couriers, IT specialists, taxis; there are obviously professional roles out there that demand the use of a car too.

In the end, this may perhaps strip back that romanticized vision of the first-time driver securing their vehicle and winding their way off into the sunset. Still, this doesn’t detract from the vehicle’s importance. A car gives people agency over their livelihood, which still makes it an incredibly vital asset to the owner.


Typically, it’s the drivers who use their vehicles for leisure who are the better drivers. They’ll drive without scheduled appointments to get to; i.e. work or visiting family and friends. This means they’ll have far less road rage when stuck in traffic and take far fewer risks so that they can shave off a few minutes of their journey.

Moreover, many leisure drivers will tour their local town or simply wind through the countryside if it means staving off boredom, and on a clear summer’s day with a convertible car, few things can be as relaxing. It’s a picture-perfect scene. They’re not in any hurry and enjoy every moment spent in the car, making them safer to drive around too!

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