• January 8, 2019

What to Do in Case You Meet a Car Accident

What to Do in Case You Meet a Car Accident

You must always try your best to avoid a car accident because it always causes nuisance to tackle it afterwards. Likewise, you will never like to be hit by someone on the road. But, if it does happen at all that you meet an accident, you must know what to do right afterwards. An efficient lawyer like Rochester criminal lawyer, etc. may also guide you in this regard, but we, too, have worked it out for your convenience.

Here is the detail of what you should do for your maximum protection just after you meet an accident.

  1. Always stop then and there, for it is your legal as well as moral obligation to do so. Whenever you hit something, stop instantly even if you think there seems to be no damage at all.
  2. See if there is some serious injury to anyone and if so, arrange for the befitting step as per requirement. Medical care is the first and foremost obligation, letting aside each and everything aside.
  3. Contact the police so that each and everything may be handled legally and justifiably.
  4. Try your level best not to move the vehicles unless they are troubling the smooth flow of the traffic. If possible, wait for the police to come before moving anything.
  5. Limit your talk with the other party about the accident, for it will create mutual complications. But, be sure about not to admit any fault or liability whatsoever on your part.
  6. Take a car accident form from the local police and fill in the following information. Don’t be overstressed, but be calm while writing down the followings.
  7. Name, address, phone number, insurance company name and the number of the insurance policy of the other driver involved.
  8. Name, make, model, registration number and the license plate number of the other vehicle you met an accident with. Take photos with your mobile if possible.
  9. Complete address of that place along with the date and exact time of the accident.
  10. The driving conditions regarding weather, visibility, etc. The directions of both the vehicles involved.
  11. The names and the contact information of the witnesses and the name along with the badge number of the police officer who visited the accident place at that time.
  12. Do discuss the details about the accident with the police, medical professionals and the representative from your insurance company.
  13. Contact your insurance company then and there and tell them from the scene. Take the help of the police officer there to explain your point to the insurance agent on the phone.
  14. File your car accident claim immediately and in a very proper way. If available, you may file in the information and follow up your claim online. Otherwise, you must visit the insurance company for this purpose at the earliest.

These are the very urgent requirements you must need to fulfil just after you happen to meet an accident.

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