• January 13, 2009

Will the Tokyo Motor Show Be Cancelled?

pivo2_1_m_mToday it was known through a JAMA executive that debates are going on in Japan Automobile Manufacturers’ Association to decide whether to cancel the Tokyo motor Show 2009, due in October, or not.

But JAMA’s executive director and Secretary General Toshihiro Iwatakeinion said, “A couple of companies are not in favor of organizing the show under these conditions, but that is not JAMA’s opinion.”

It is noticeable that the idea of canceling this year’s automobile show has come up from a few non-Japanese Automobile manufacturers. Reason thereby, the economical recession prevailing world over.

He further told that the decision will be taken in the beginning of next month. Toshihiro Iwatakeinion is himself wishing that ‘the show must go on’, he said, “We think the motor show is a symbol of industrial prosperity,” he said. “We have to show that our industry is healthy.”

He further says that he prefers to have a small show rather than not having a show at all. The show due on 23rd October, if canceled, will be held in 2011, which is a big gap.

There are suspicions that the cancelation idea of the Japan motor Show is the consequence of the Japanese companies dropping out of Detroit motor show. The decliners of Detroit are Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co. or Nissan, which are leading Japanese automobile companies.

Yet JAMA is looking forward to make the best arrangements for the show whose theme is, “Fun driving for us, eco driving for earth.” What happens with the show is still awaiting the decision.

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