• June 17, 2009

With $315 per month you could own the Riversimple fuel cell car

Riversimple Fuel Cell CarThe all awaited Riversimple fuel cell car is now launched in London and it is set to break all the rules that we expect from a hydrogen vehicle. One important thing is that, this new car in no replacement for a regular car.

Riversimple fuel cell car has is very small in size and has only two seats. This car is an open-source one, so all the proprietary details about the design and building of this car are available online and one can view it free of cost. The car also comes for a nominal price compared to a regular car.

The developer of fuel cell used in Riversimple, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, said that this innovative car would be available to the consumers for only $315 per month.

This is pretty cheap in comparison with other regular cars. The MINI E for example would cost $850 per month for a year.

Source: autoblog

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