• September 20, 2011

World’s First Gold Nano Car worth Rs. 22 Crore Unveiled By India

The dazzling and glittering GoldplusNano Car worth Rs.22 crore heightens India’s fame all over the world once again. It’s only a few year when world’s cheapest car Tata Nano snatched whole attention of the world and was very much appreciated throughout the world.

The Tata Group Company has again attained new record in the field of Auto industries by unveiling its Goldplus Nano Car, exquisitely assimilated with gold,silverand valuable stones. The car has been manufactured by India’s most prestige auto manufacturers, Tata Group company; however this incredible GoldplusNano car is not for sale.

A Tata Group company’s official said,

“The valuable and fully functional car is a unique branding and promotional initiative by GoldplusJewellery, part of Titan Industries a Tata Group company”

The Tata Group Chairman,Ratan Tata unveiled the Nano car on Monday. Gold plus Nano Car is considered to be the World’s first ever gold car. The dazzling Gold Nano car has been made using 80 kg 22 carat solid gold, 15 kg silver, precious stones like rubies, diamonds, and other costly gemstones.


Tata’s Nano Car has been one of the cheapest car of the world also called the “1 LakhCar” and was first sold in March, 2009, butGoldplus Nano Car has made its appearance in an unconventional and expensive style.This Goldplus Nano Car is promoted as the world’s first ever car made by gold, and tagged as first ever gold jewellery car and celebrating the 5,000 years of jewellery making industry in India.
Titan Industries managing director BhaskarBhatadded on this promising launch, “Since eternity, jewellery made with gold and precious stones has been an integral part of the Indian woman’s life”.

India’s Goldplus Nano Caris decorated with beautiful jewelleryartwork and gold designsare integrated on its body.

An official told IANS,

‘As many as 14 techniques of jewellery making have gone behind the effort — from the intricate filigree work to the delicate and colourfulmeenakari work, the stunning kundan to the traditional naqashi…marking the convergence of diverse and culturally distinct jewellery making techniques from around India.”

TheGoldplus Nano Car will cover its legendry journeyto Goldplus showrooms at 29 sites around India.

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